Swords and Sandals 2 Redux v2.5.0 MOD APK Unlocked [2023]

Swords and Sandals 5 Redux 1.0.8 APK [Unlocked] [Full]

Fighting in Swords and Swords 2 Redux is new. Gladiator-themed gameplay will engage players in the most thrilling conflicts. Players may change into whomever they choose and use predetermined techniques to gain magnificent victory in the fights, which also involve a range of intricate developments. Several gameplay or multi – player additions are also creative and will create new opportunities. for everyone to get compatible during any conflict.

A roll gladiator game containing RPG features is Swords and Sandals 2. The iconic gladiator fight game is back in this second iteration! Build a character, invest in fighting gear, and enter the arena to compete for money or your life. ALso Free Download: Wondershare Filmora Crack

Make up your own Gladiator 

The first step in Swords + Sandals 2 is character creation. Your gladiator’s external look can be altered. and boost your stamina and strength attributes using skill points.

Start fighting

In Swords & Sandals 2, combat is turn-based. You can choose from a variety of manoeuvres, some of which display the likelihood of success. After winning a combat, you’ll receive gold & level up. You may upgrade your gladiator’s skill points by levelling up.

Purchase fresh equipment

You can enhance your armour, weapons, and magic using the gold you’ve earned. When you get in the town, proceed towards the store of the choosing.

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Start Indulginng In An Intoxicating Journey Of A Gladiator

The content of Blades and Shoes 2 Redux mostly focuses on the exciting and bloody gladiator fights in mediaeval fantasy or something like. Random fights are the players’ main source of enjoyment and a major source of motivation, despite the game’s numerous restrictions on the environment. Players can discover new development possibilities and potentially become anybody via endless battles, depending on their progress forward towards a gladiator profession.

Get Matched With Various Opponents In The Journey

The game’s turn-based fighting system has been greatly improved to allow players to execute strong moves or combinations. The turn-based component is very significant. as that will affect the player’s chances of winning or how they respond while making the right strategies. The character classes the player choose at the outset of the journey will influence how the player fights throughout time.

Play against other players in arena tournaments.

Battling actual players in the chaotic, difficult venues of Swords and Boots 2 Redux is the height of enjoyment. The content and prizes in PvP are likewise abundant and rich enough yet for players to flourish despite the fact that the fighting mechanisms have undergone several substantial alterations. Also, anybody may organise amusing competitions in which they can all triumph and boast about their international rankings as well as the top gladiator honours.


Championships that are challenging are also a good option. if gamers wish to experience more of the positive effects of intense combat. These games are more challenging than normal. In addition, users will have the chance to interact with historical figures who beat them to life. Each of the awards from these fights is unique and upgradable, giving players noble & heroic abilities.

One such entertaining game with chaotic gameplay is Sword and Sandals 2 Redux. is quick-paced but incorporates the turn-based component. The various gaming options are also excellent for diversifying users’ experiences. with the idea of the gladiator. Not only that, but for everyone to experience the most exhilarating and revitalising experiences, genuine player battles are the height of excitement.

Swords and Sandals 1 – Can you train a gladiator and conquer the arena?

In the past, the Romans would engage in vicious fights to the death with highly trained gladiators. In the legendary Swords and Sandals online browser game, you may exact the same revenge on your enemies as these gladiators did by using your combat skills and arsenal of weapons.

I give you Swords and Sandals. You may give your fighter a name and alter their look to reflect your own gladiator. and decide on their armour and weaponry! You may get more specialised armour as you win battles. as well as improving the gladiator’s individual qualities like strength and quickness. and speed – these factors will influence how well your character does in the arena. The controls are easy to use, and turn-based gameplay is used during battling. You decide

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Swords and Sandals 5 Redux 1.0.8 APK [Unlocked] [Full]

File Description

  • Name: Swords and Sandals
  • Category: Android Games
  • SubCategory: Action
  • APK: com.cosecant.babosoft
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Version Code: 1
  • File Size: 47.3MB
  • MIME type: app/vnd.android.package


  • Developer: Gowanco
  • Signature: 727CB808D4626D6F97F5E04F89DEF86CED6655EA
  • Signed by: CN=gonjinlann, OU=gonjinlann, O=gonjinlann, L=gonjinlann, S=gonjinlann, C=gonjinlann

System Requirements

  • System: Android (operating system)
  • Min Version: Android Gingerbread 2.3-2 NDK 5
  • Min API Level: 9
  • Target Version: Android Jelly Bean 4.2.x
  • Target API Level: 17
  • RAM Memory: 512MB (RAM) at least

File Checksum

  • SHA256: 8a35ced6ac7da8069e2c52fd97968bc3ed54cb27ce1cc865c7236cd506af725a
  • MD5: bec5a0a163334cd57bc69de2555cc86b
  • SHA1: 3dfa2a14709e037e909b83e858f064aa1305cb7c

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If you uninstall the old version before installing the new one, you will lose all your data. To preserve your data, never uninstall old versions. install the new version overriding it.
Never mind the Play Protect warning!
As you know, MOD means editing APK files. As a result, the MOD APK files will not match the version available on the Google Play Store. That’s why Play Protect now warns you every time you want to install MOD APK. So the best way is to turn off Play Protect completely and never mind it if you want to install and use the MOD APK.   

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