VirtualHostX Free Download Full Version Lates For Mac [2024]

VirtualHostX Free Download Full Version Lates

VirtualHostX Free Download is a macOS feature designed for simplicity. perform virtual host installation on a local web server. It provides an interface that allows users and web developers to create. command and test multiple websites on your Mac computers.

With VirtualHostX. you can create virtual groups with custom rules. names and map them to directories. on your local machine. This allows you to simulate a real web server. and test your websites before deploying them to a live server. VirtualHostX supports popular web servers like Apache and Nginx. it updates the necessary configuration files for you.

The app offers more features to improve your web development workflow. It supports SSL certificates, allowing you to secure your local websites with HTTPS. You can enable PHP and other server-side scripting languages. and configure separate DNS entries for your virtual hosts.

VirtualHostX offers a variety of tools to streamline your development process. For example. includes a built-in code editor that allows you to make changes. without converting your website to cross-app files. It also provides an icon in the menu bar that gives you easy access to your virtual groups. allowing you to start, stop, and control with one click.

VirtualHostX for Mac 2.6

VirtualHostX is a powerful desktop application powered by Click on tyler that allows Mac users to easily host and test websites. Whether you are a web developer working on multiple projects or someone who wants to test your website before going live, VirtualHostX offers a perfect solution.

With VirtualHostX, setting up multiple virtual hosts is a breeze. The interface is elegant and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to understand. The program offers best-in-class Apache installation management and is compatible with popular web servers like MAMP, XAMPP, and Apple’s integrated web server. You can also share your VirtualHostX virtual hosts with other users on your local network.

Although VirtualHostX is primarily aimed at web administrators, newcomers to virtual hosting will also find it easy to use. The General Help section provides general guidance so that users can make the most of the program’s features. By creating virtual hosts, web developers can thoroughly test their websites and make necessary adjustments before going live.

VirtualHostX for Mac Download

VirtualHostX is aimed at web developers who work on multiple applications at the same time. VirThe latest version offers the most sophisticated management of Apache installations works with MAMP, XAMPP, and Apple’s integrated web server, and even allows you to share your virtual hosts with other users on your local network.

Although aimed at webmasters, those who are new to virtual hosting shouldn’t have much trouble understanding VirtualHostX. The help section is large and the interface is elegant and easy to understand. If you build websites regularly, it’s worth learning about virtual groups because setting one up is a great way to test websites before they go live.

VirtualHostX Mac Latest Version

Version 8.7.16 of VirtualHostX for Mac is available as a free download in our software library. Our antivirus has scanned this Mac download and rated it as 100% safe. The program is compatible with the Developer’s tools.

The most popular versions of VirtualHostX for Mac among developers are 5.0, 4.0, and 3.2. This Mac application is the product of clickontyler. is the most common filename for this application installer. The package identifier for this app is com.clickontyler.virtualhostx. The file size of the last installation package is 30.1 MB. Also Free Download: Wondershare TunesGo Crack Full

Review of VirtualHostX

VirtualHostX is a popular macOS feature designed for simplicity. managing virtual teams for local web development. It offers many features. which makes it easier for developers and web developers to deploy and test. many websites on your Mac computers.

One of VirtualHostX’s main strengths is its interface. It provides an attractive and intuitive interface. which allows users to create and manage virtual groups with custom domain names. The application supports popular web servers like Apache and Nginx. update the necessary configuration files.

VirtualHostX offers more features such as SSL certificate support. allowing users to secure their local websites through HTTPS. It also allows custom DNS configuration. accesses and supports server-side scripting languages such as PHP. increase development opportunities.

Adding a custom code editor is a good practice. which eliminates the need to switch between applications. allowing quick changes to website files. The menu bar icon provides easy access to virtual groups, allowing users to start and stop them. and manage them with ease.

VirtualHostX (free version) download for Mac OS X

Features of VirtualHostX Mac

  1. Easy Virtual Host Creation: VirtualHostX provides an interface for creating virtual hosts. with custom domain names. You can set up many virtual hosts for different projects.
  2. Apache and Nginx Support: The application supports both Apache and Nginx web servers. It updates the necessary configuration files for the chosen server. making the setup process seamless.
  3. SSL Certificate Integration: VirtualHostX allows you to configure. and enable SSL certificates for your local websites. This feature enables you to test and develop websites with HTTPS support.
  4. PHP and Server-Side Scripting: VirtualHostX supports PHP and other server-side scripting languages. You can enable PHP for your virtual hosts and customize PHP settings. to suit your development needs.
  5. DNS Management: The application offers DNS management capabilities. allowing you to create and manage custom DNS entries for your virtual hosts. This feature helps simulate real domain names.
  6. Built-in Code Editor: VirtualHostX includes a built-in code editor. eliminating the need to switch between applications. You can make quick edits to your website files within the application.
  7. Menu Bar Access: VirtualHostX provides a menu bar icon for easy access to your virtual hosts. From the menu bar, you can start, stop, and manage your virtual hosts with a single click.
  8. Template Support: The application allows you to create and use templates. for virtual host configurations. This feature saves time when setting up new virtual hosts with similar configurations.
  9. IP-Based and Name-Based Virtual Hosts: VirtualHostX supports both IP-based and name-based virtual hosts. You can choose the appropriate type based on your requirements.
  10. Import and Export: VirtualHostX enables you to import and export virtual host configurations. making it easy to transfer setups between machines or share them with team members.

System Requirements and Technical Details

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later

Technical Details:

  • Developer: Click On Tyler
  • Current Version (as of September 2021): 8.7.14
  • Compatibility: Universal Binary (works natively on both Intel-based and Apple Silicon-based Macs)
  • Web Server Support: Apache and Nginx
  • Programming Language Support: PHP and other server-side scripting languages
  • Code Editor: Built-in code editor within the application
  • SSL Certificate Support: Yes, enables secure HTTPS connections for local websites
  • DNS Management: Yes, allows for the creation and management of custom DNS entries
  • Virtual Host Types: Supports both IP-based and name-based virtual hosts
  • Import/Export: Yes, allows for the import and export of virtual host configurations

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